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What People Are Saying About Working With Barbara

Here are some remarks from her clients and others, in their own words.
My Doctors Couldn't Help Me, But Barbara Sure Could!

I called Barbara for help to find out what really was causing some unusual problems with my body, that my HMO doctors were unable to diagnose or treat.  She saw that I needed to change what I was eating.  I began following a customized food plan that she prepared for me, and the uncomfortable symptoms I had been having for over a year were gone within a week!  She told me exactly which foods to drop, and which I should eat in categories of "Indulge", "Good/OK", "Seldom", and "Avoid".  I was amazed and very happy with her work with me.  I also had a very fruitful review session with Barbara some time later to reassess how my body was doing, and was given new helpful information.

I highly recommend Barbara to anyone, whether or not they are also using conventional medical treatment.  She is amazingly good at what she does.

N.L., Pinole, CA


Intuition Uncovers Root Cause of Multiple Health Issues

I went to Barbara for chronic skin issues, fatigue, and getting sick a lot during these past few years.  I've tried traditional Western medicine, naturopathy, acupuncture and other modalities, but to no avail. Frustrated at not finding the root cause of my problems - I turned to Barbara.  I am so glad I did! When she tapped into my body's energy. it gave her loads of information of what is going on.  The information she relayed to me really made sense, and it shed a lot of light on how my habits and emotional health are affecting my physical health.  
We had a separate intuitive session later to get into the specifics, and it was completely uncanny what I learned from Barbara, things about me and my distant past that she would have had no way to know, but which were completely true and 100% accurate!  I now know the root cause of my health issues, and have insight and a new direction to go.  Thank you so much Barbara for sharing your gift!

"K" from Montana


Now Able To Walk After Accident

A few months ago, I tripped and fell on an escalator, injuring my left knee big time! My doctor said no bones were broken, but I had ruptured my patellar tendon, it required surgery to repair and then being in a brace for 2 months while the tendon repair healed.  During that time in a brace, I developed a contracture which severely limited the mobility of my knee.  Physical therapy was helping a little bit, but not enough.  That's when I turned to Barbara for healing.  I noticed effects the next day after each healing.  My knee has become measurably better.  My flexibility has increased and the skin is now more relaxed around the scar.  I can walk much more normally, thanks to you!

G.F., Stockton, CA


Fungus Gone For Good

For several years I had this case of fungus which started on my foot, and also got on my hand.  Although I went to my doctor and was given strong medicated ointment to apply, it worked for awhile and then the fungus came right back.  I went through this cycle twice over a number of months and was frustrated.  Then I turned to Barbara for healing.  She did her healing work at night while I slept.  I was amazed, but within a week, the fungus was completely gone.  Thanks so much!

L.T., Fremont, CA


Achieving A Better State of Being

Dear Barbara, I just want to thank you so much for your most detailed and expansive medical intuitive assessment.  I was able to use the information to 
make core emotional shifts, to delete self-negating programming, and to obtain the needed supplements, herbs, and detox aids, all of which are helping me feel so much better. I am truly blessed to have received your gifts and expertise.  Thanks a million!

T.K.. Austin, TX


No More Sleep Apnea

For years, I suffered from an advanced case of sleep apnea.  It was so awful -- I tried everything!  Doctors and specialists gave me Rx of all kinds, then an oxygen tank, followed by a special sleep mask, and I even participated in sleep studies to be able to get this condition resolved, BUT NOTHING WORKED...  Because of sleep apnea, I couldn't hold a job or drive a car.  Without a good night's sleep in years, I was miserable.  

When Barbara came to my home, she worked on "correcting the energy" of the entire house, and especially my bedroom.  Quite frankly I had never heard of Geopathic Stress before, and I was skeptical that "correcting" it would yield any changes in my condition, because like my doctors, we all assumed the condition was occurring because of something about me and not my environment.  I had never experienced energy work before, but I knew that Barbara had helped others, and because I was so tired of being tired, I was willing to give it a try.  

To my utter surprise and amazement, I HAD A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP THAT NIGHT, for the first time in years!!!  And I've continued to sleep soundly ever since.  No more sleep apnea.  I can't thank you enough for giving me a life-changing miracle!  I've got my life back.  I recommend to anyone with health issues that aren't getting resolved, contact Barbara and have her help you with whatever type of energy healing work you need.  You are a true healing angel!  Thank You.

E.D., Burbank, CA


Healing Program Revamped

Barbara gives thorough, comprehensive and specific analysis and advice.  She is generous with her time, and dedicated to helping.  For me, her comments were spot-on and have set my self-healing mechanism back in motion.  Thank you so much! 

M.D., San Jose, CA


Helping Chiropractor With Patient Issues

I use Barbara's services in caring for my patients, and I admit that her abilities are completely uncanny.  Barbara is a one-of-a-kind Healer and Medical Intuitive.  She understands people and can tell
you all about someone she's never met or heard of before.  When I ask her about a specific patient, she can tell me the condition of that person and what's going to happen with them.  I rely on her to advise me whenever I have a problem reaching a diagnosis.  She knows how to interpret any kind of situation, and she's also helped my patients by testing their supplements and improving their nutrition.  I've worked with other talented Energy Healers before, but I prefer to work with her.  Book an appointment with Barbara and you'll be amazed.  I know a great Energy Healer and Medical Intuitive when I see one.

I.F., Doctor of Chiropractic, Chino Hills, CA


Complex Digestive Issues Solved

I've had Barbara use her intuitive skills to obtain answers to critical health issues I have.
Most important for me, she's figured out what's going on with my complex digestive issues.

First is food. She can tell which foods my body can handle and which I better stay away from. Because of my situation, it's not obvious. I appreciate being able to get these answers from her in lieu of taking expensive tests.  Besides, as I eat the things my body needs, I've gotten better and then a few months later I've been able to eat other foods I couldn't earlier.  No doctor I've seen has ever been able to give me this kind of information.

She's also created a supplement plan (what to buy, when to take them, how many, etc.).  This has been really important, as most practitioners have only a generalized sense of whether their products are "supposed to" work for me. ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL!   As my body gets "better" she's been adjusting what to take along with the food.

I'd say Barbara is very very accurate with her information and recommendations.  I highly recommend her to anyone who is frustrated with not getting good results from their current health practitioners.

R.D., La Crescenta, CA


Medical Intuition Work for Cancer Patient

My doctor diagnosed me with prostate cancer a few months ago, and this really scared me.  Luckily, I was introduced to Barbara, who has been working with me in addition to my doctors.
Going through her process--which included reviewing all the health history I could provide, asking me a lot of important questions (some of which my doctors never thought to ask), plus doing an intuitive scan of my physical body, she was able to figure out why I developed cancer.
I was shocked at first, but it turned out that there was something from my past that I consciously had no clue about. 

She came up with a complete plan of diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes, the whole shebang.  I followed her advice, including a specific treatment she recommended to deal with my situation.  I was blown away -- it really worked!!!

While I'm not cancer-free yet, I do appreciate Barbara's help in so many ways, and her positive and caring attitude.  I'm very grateful for all the work that Barbara has done and is doing for me.  I wish her the most in blessings and prosperity for this work.

D.M.,  Los Angeles, CA