Barbara Deutsch

The Health Intuitive

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How Barbara Works and What She Offers

Barbara combines her insight and intuition as a Medical Intuitive with her skills as an Intuitive Healer to provide you with knowledge and answers regarding your health concerns.

To start, Barbara conducts "The Key to Regaining Your Health", with you. This is a complimentary phone or Skype consultation geared toward your personal needs, in which you will gain a new perspective and direction on how to deal with health issues, chronic conditions, or illnesses that are affecting you.
Barbara offers two types of Medical Intuitive health assessments 
  • The intensive Medical Intuitive Workup, in which she finds the root cause of your health concerns.  
  • The Intuitive Wellness Snapshot, for clients with few health issues, wanting to know what they need to pay attention to, to be pro-active in avoiding illness 

Other Services

A different type of service called "The Body Knows Best" is offered for evaluating which foods work well with your body, and those that should be avoided.  It's amazing how much the food we eat can affect us! Many of Barbara's clients consider this service to be extremely important in regaining their health, and they have found the information they receive to be accurate and valuable.

Barbara also offers Intuitive Energy Healings, which are gentle but powerful.  All healing sessions are done as "distance healing", in which the healing energy is transmitted over space and time.  That has allowed Barbara to live in the San Francisco Bay area, and send healing energy to clients throughout the United States and beyond.  She's had clients as far away as France telling her about how powerful her healing energy is!

A real advantage (that clients absolutely love!) about Barbara's healing sessions, is that they are typically conducted while the client sleeps, usually late at night, so as not to take up valuable time during the day.  Imagine waking up and feeling better!

For clients with environmental issues in their home, Barbara offers specialized energy work to correct Geopathic Stress, and issues with EMFs.  (See Testimonials Page).

FAQ Section

Q: How is Barbara different from other "Energy Healers"?
 A: Many Energy Healers simply do a "general  healing session", using one healing modality that they know, and sending energy, hoping it will go where needed.  Barbara goes way beyond this.  First, she combines the healing work with her Medical Intuitive skills, to hone in on problem areas.  Second, she customizes each healing session, focusing on precisely what the client needs at that particular time.  A client's health concerns can be complex and include emotional, mental, spiritual, and other components.  

Q: Should I still see my regular doctor if I work with Barbara?
A: Absolutely. Barbara's services are meant to supplement the work of any doctors or health practitioners you may already be going to, not replace them. She never takes a client away from their own doctor.  In fact, Barbara often recommends additional types of health practitioners and healing modalities for her clients, as needed for specific purposes.

Q: Is there a charge?
A: Yes, prices for all services are available on request.