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Barbara Deutsch

Medical Intuitive
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Welcome to the world of Medical Intuition and Intuitive Healing: offering the best of both to help you get well.

Are you frustrated with Western medicine?
  • Wrong diagnosis?  Or
  • Correct diagnosis, but treating symptoms and NOT the underlying cause of the illness, so your health issues remain? Or
  • No diagnosis? Has a health practitioner ever told you "sorry, but I don't have an answer for your condition, so you'll just have to learn to live with it"?

It's time to get the answers you need, in order to get well!

Working with Barbara, a Medical Intuitive, you can
  • gain insight about your illness, disorder, medical condition, or health issues
  • find out what is really going on in your body
  • obtain answers to the root cause of your health issues 


What is a Medical Intuitive? 
A Medical Intuitive is a practitioner who is able to detect the state of health of a person by reading the energy fields of their body.  This is both an art and a science, having a mainstream presence today through people such as Caroline Myss and Dr. Norman Shealy.

Barbara's mission is to help you by identifying the root cause of your health issues, and providing relevant information.  She is trained to intuitively "see" inside the human body, and can detect illness and medical conditions which are influenced by your life today as well as from your past, plus see what your body is in the process of creating as your future health status.  At times Barbara has been called a "medical detective", for being able to discover what it is that you need to know about your health issues.

People typically come to her in a state of frustration.  They don't feel good,
and they have not gotten well working with their current medical practitioners.
They want to approach their health from a different perspective, a new direction.

Barbara assists clients using her skills as a Medical Intuitive, and additionally she offers healings, as she is also an Intuitive Energy Healer.  Her healing sessions are gentle but powerful, and very effective.


What is an Intuitive Energy Healer?
An Energy Healer is a practitioner who works with subtle energies to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Years of training are needed to perfect this practice.  One well-known Energy Healer is Donna Eden. An Intuitive Energy Healer is a practitioner who combines intuitive skills with energy healing.
Your health is too important to wait any longer.  

For more information or to get started, 
call (510) 964-7798.

For all new and potential clients, Barbara offers "The Key to Re-gaining Your Health", a free phone consultation, customized to your health needs.

For your convenience, all appointments are conducted over the
phone or Skype.  Barbara is located in the San Francisco Bay area,
and works with clients from all over the U.S. and with international clients too.