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Barbara's Journey As A Medical Intuitive and Healer

Barbara is today a Medical Intuitive, an Intuitive Energy Healer, and Intuitive Counselor.  She received a Masters of Science degree from UCLA, and worked at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, re-cataloging the medical library and assisting doctors with their health research.  She has done her own health research, covering a variety of topics.  

Over many years, Barbara has taken many courses in health and healing from recognized experts in their fields, including nutritional studies with Gisela Hoffmann, daughter of Hanna Kroeger.

Given all this training and studying, you might wonder how the "intuitive" part comes into the picture....

Since childhood, Barbara has had an intuitive ability.  As a young girl, she had prophetic dreams.  She would meet people she had never seen before in person, recognizing them from her dreams.  She often dreamt about situations happening before they actually occurred.  Although Barbara could have shared her "gift" with others all along, it was not until 1996 that she began doing so.
One day in 1996, Barbara was visiting a friend who had broken her leg.  The leg was in a cast, and her friend complained of pain.  Barbara used her intuition to "see" inside the leg, telling her friend that the pain was caused by her bones not being set correctly.  After a visit to the doctor, her friend later confirmed that Barbara was accurate in her prognosis.  This was the start of Barbara's intuitive health readings.

For many years, Barbara has been helping people with serious illnesses such as edema, cancer, extreme food allergies, vertigo, osteoporosis, erectile dysfunction, anorexia, emotional and mental problems, as well as other ailments.  She shares the details of what she finds with her clients, and helps educate them.  Clients are always encouraged to take this information back to their personal doctor or other medical practitioner.

As a Medical Intuitive, 
Intuitive Energy Healer, and Intuitive Counselor, she is dedicated to her work and committed to helping her clients get well.